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What kind of food I [halal food]! ? Surprisingly it does not know ...

Muslim-friendly KOMATSU / Komatsu Homepage What kind of food I [halal food]! ? Precepts of Islam which not surprisingly known not [Halal food] and is that of food that have been allowed to eat by the precepts of Islam (Muslim). In Islam [eat or things] and [eat things do not] have is defined finely. This time we will introduce such surprisingly not known [halal food] and fine precepts of Islam. Halal food and is, that of food that Muslims (Muslims) are eating. Currently, more than 100 million Muslims all over the world (Muslims), but has been and is present, corresponding also in Japan of dining options have been determined according to gradually increasing number of tourists of the Muslim (Muslim). In addition, there is also that Japanese food is exported in response to the halal certification, has in recent years increased interest. For halal food there is every strict rules, here we are a commentary. Food and is halal food, it is good to eat in the teachings of Islam [Halal (English: halal, Arabic: حلال Halāl)] and is an Arabic word meaning [is allowed (with the teachings of Islam)].

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