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Muslim-friendly KOMATSU / Komatsu Homepage Overseas Building explore Symbol (Turkey No.) The most famous Islamic architecture [Blue Mosque] The Blue Mosque is a building representative of the Turkish image (Muslim chapel). To be precise, Sultanahmet jar Mii (Sultanahmet Camii). It means that the [mosque rulers Ahmet]. [Blue Mosque] foreigners call that visited the building, it is said that it is the nickname of the building. When Why say whether the typical architecture, history is long, located on the road opposite the famous religious architecture Hagia Sophia (museum now), it seems it's because it is the most beautiful mosque architectural design basis. Indeed, actually if the witness intertwined complex design of the dome is beautiful! Entrance to feel the precepts of Islam in real Upon entering through the entrance for travelers, Islamic pattern is passed through the impressive corridor, where dressed-checking. Blue Mosque, because of the mosque, which is currently actually used as a chapel, women accordance with the precepts of Islam will not be able to enter while exposing the hair and skin.

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