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Cross-cultural experiences in the rich Islamic countries

Muslim-friendly KOMATSU / Komatsu Homepage Cross-cultural communication Cross-cultural experiences in the rich Islamic countries During the 2.0 years of the Gulf crisis as a team leader of the secondary Corps of the Japan Medical Corps had the opportunity to month stay in Saudi Arabia. Please visit our site [Gulf crisis Confidential] is the details. In our series, we would like to impressions from the perspective of cross-cultural experience. I personally in the absence of religion, we also maintain a neutral attitude, especially for any religion. So, even for Islam, until it was the same stance. However, in a stay in Saudi of this month, the concept of respect to Islam has changed little. It For at least the rich Islamic countries. The basic attitude of the rich Islamic cultural sphere, although the word is bad, now I think it's arrogant and smug. In the Middle East of the rich countries, which are said to oil-producing countries, including Saudi Arabia, also pressed against the precepts of Islam to non-Muslims who visited with travelers and business.

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